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Jen Cherewaty BSc., R.TCMP
Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Registered

Jen continues to get amazing reviews from her patients, and is rated as one of Vancouver's Top Acupuncturists.

Top female acupuncurist in Vancouver as per RateMDs!

Top 15 Acupuncturists in Vancouver as per crowdwellness


"I've had an amazing experience here. Jen is a very knowledgable, informative & caring person. Her ongoing pursuit of new & relevant information has helped me greatly. If you are having fertility issues, try! She has encouraged & helped me greatly in my journey."
Sarah Mellinghouse~North Vancouver, BC

Inviting and effective
"This center is inviting and effective. Beautiful care by Jen Cherewaty for acupuncture. Couldn't recommend it more!"
Vanessa Parise~North Vancouver, BC

I look forward to every appointment. Not only has Jen been able to treat my symptoms with success, I feel that her calm presence and thoughtful and caring personality is a true gift. Highly recommended!
Tara Sherman ~North Vancouver, BC

"Jen is a professional, caring acupuncturist that has helped me immensely with a herniated disc. When other treatment options were unsuccessful, her knowledge and skill has led me through to a successful recovery. Her calming manner adds to the relaxation of the treatments! "
Tracey Larmour~North Vancouver, BC

Headache, Back Pain, Joint Pain
Dr Cherewaty graciously agreed to see me while i was visiting Vancouver. She was thorough, attentive and treated my chronic headache. Now, a week later, I have had no symptoms of headache or joint aches. I highly recommend her for her manner, patience and knowledge. It is a wonderful experience to find such a caring and thoughtful and excellent provider.
Thank you
Megan Landauer

I went to Jen after a recommendation from a friend. I was 40 years old and had been trying to conceive for 3 years with 4 unsuccessful IUI's. Jen found the root of my issues through hormone panel testing, guided me thorough a cleanse and recommeded herbal supplements to balance my hormones. I just gave birth to my precious little boy 2 weeks ago and am so thankful.
~Vancouver, BC

I have been seeing Jen Cherewaty for acupuncture and TCM for a few years now. I was referred to Jen during my first pregnancy. Jen's treatments are always so relaxing and are appointments I actually get excited about. I had such an amazingly easy pregnancy and I attribute most of that to Jen's treatments. I am seeing her during my second pregnancy and so far have had similar wonderful results. I tell all of my friends to go see her. I have had acupuncture from others before and wasn't too thrilled with the results. I didn't really notice much of anything changing after the treatments. Not so with Jen. I can almost always feel a difference quickly. She really knows what she's doing. Even if you've had acupuncture before and didn't think much of it, give her a try!
SaraJane Kramer
~Vancouver, BC

I've been seeing Jen Cherewaty for Acupuncture and TCM treatments since 2012. She is the most thorough and compassionate health care provider I've ever met, and I highly recommend her. I had been to naturopaths in the past and was discouraged, finding little benefit and feeling like they wanted to sell supplements more than find the root of the problem and treat it. Jen takes the time to get to the core of the health issue, and her treatments are tailored around the patient's needs. She is knowledgeable and experienced, and helped me with breathing issues following a chemical exposure, as well as hormonal imbalances brought on by prolonged stress and perimenopause. Her acupuncture treatments gave me immediate relief and over time have greatly improved my health. I can honestly say she has changed my life. Try her for yourself
Fiona Lehn
~Vancouver, BC

Always outstanding, sympathetic and very understanding. Look forward to my treatments with Jen.
Chris Taylor
~Coquitlam, BC

Thank you to Jen for her caring and compassion. After 3 miscarriages and 2 failed IUI's I went to Jen to seek help with my fertility. She was so calm and knowledgeable and inspired me to make some essential changes to my diet and lifestyle to improve my fertility. She prepared a treatment plan and explained how to monitor my progress. After a few months of acupuncture and taking the custom Chinese herbal prescriptions she made for me, I am SOOO HAPPY to report that I am pregnant naturally and holding my pregnancy at 12 weeks. I have never held a pregnancy this long. If you want a practitioner who really cares and will support you in session and even via email and Skype calls...Jen is for you!
~Vancouver, BC

I saw Jen for acupuncture and TCM all throughout my first pregnancy and am continuing with my second. I had an amazingly easy pregnancy and I attribute so much of that to the relaxing treatments I received.
~North Vancouver, BC

Jen is such an awesome practitioner. From the moment I met her, she met with a sense of calm and understanding. Especially when you are going through such a difficult time like infertility and was just so nice to have someone not only understand but be able to help! Jen also was able to treat my insomnia and digestion issues. My cycles are much more stable and improvement was seen after every session. Jen truly cares about all her patients and I wish every medical professional was like this. I look forward to every session I have with her!
~Vancouver, BC

To make an appointment to see Jen please call us 604.568.6899

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